January 5, 2015

Top 5 Posts of 2014

We're back! Happy New Year C & C readers. Thanks for giving me and Regan a nice two week blogging reprieve. We're refreshed and ready for another year of fitness, food, fashion, and whatever else strikes our fancy. I thought we'd kick off the new year with a look back at the top five posts of 2014.

#5. Hydrate 28 - We took you on a well-hydrated ride for 28 days taking a look at what happened to our bodies, our skin, our energy and general health after drinking the recommended 100 oz of water a day for four weeks. I'd like to say I'm still drinking all that water, but there are definitely days when it just doesn't happen. Writing this post is inspiring me to get back on the H2O wagon. 

#4. Keeping it Real - Regan shared her personal transformation over the last ten years from working girl to "on the go" mom and being at peace with this big change.

#3. Keeping it Real - Thigh cheese and how even Cameron Diaz has it. 

#2. Nerd Prom - I had the BEST time at the White House Correspondents Dinner and you guys shared in my enthusiasm, eager to see celebrity pics and what I wore! What a night it was - definitely a highlight of the year for me too! 

And the #1 most trafficked post of 2014…yet another Keeping it Real post from Regan bringing today's post back full circle when Regan introduced the Hydrate 28 challenge. 

The numbers don't lie…you guys like it when we "Keep it Real" on C & C. Are there any topics you want us to address in 2015? What are your other favorite posts that you hope we do more of? This is your chance! We want to hear from you! 

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  1. omg, i LOVED the white house correspondents dinner post! i hope you get the opportunity to attend again next year so i can feel like i'm hobknobbing with important political people...