November 30, 2016

Shop Local

While I will admit to doing a very large amount of online shopping, I also try to support small and local businesses. This Christmas I will be buying gifts from a fantastic Portland maker called Non-perishable Goods.

All Non-perishable Goods products are entirely hand-crafted using only natural fiber materials including linen, wool felt, vintage wool, vintage textiles, recycled cotton/hemp, repurposed denim, leather, cotton and paper. npg's linen napkins are sewn locally in portland, Oregon.

The teal with navy are my favorite! I plan to pick-up a set for myself while I am buying for others.

November 29, 2016

Have Bag, Will Travel

Yesterday's post was for the men in your life. Today's gift guide is for all of the women in your life. While everyone likes extravagant gifts, practical gifts are pretty awesome too. I recently purchased a travel toiletry bag that I'm totally obsessed with. 

I took mine on our trip to Bend last week, and it perfectly held all of my toiletries. 

It's pretty awesome!

November 28, 2016

What More Could a Guy Ask For?

My apologies for the C&C silence. I am going to try and write regular posts between now and Christmas but some work travel and other obligations may prevent it from being daily. Tis the Season....

Holiday season is officially here and the Christmas countdown is on! If you have a hard time finding something fun for the men in your life, let me suggest these pint glasses.

They are stainless steel and have a bottle opener in the bottom.

What more could a guy ask for?

November 21, 2016

Les Petites PDX

C&C readers, let me introduce you to my latest venture, Les Petites PDX, a children's resale shop on Instagram.

I've teamed up with my two friends Jenny and Jennifer. 
Here's a little more about us....

We are three moms.
We each have one child.
They all attend a French School in Portland, OR.
We like our children to be well dressed.
We have expensive taste, but we're practical.
We are entrepreneurs.
We make life easier for moms.
We help you clear your closet clutter.
We make shopping easier.
We make high-end children's clothing accessible.

We've created two Instagram accounts Les Petites PDX Girl and Les Petites PDX Boy  where we will be selling.

Les Petites PDX is essentially a consignment store, but through Instagram. Here’s how it works.

- We will announce weekly sales on our FB and Instagram accounts
- At the time of the sale, we will post gently used clothing and footwear for you to buy.
- You purchase the item by being the first to comment “it’s mine” or something similar
- You private message us your email (if we don’t already have it)
- We invoice you through Paypal and ship you the item (discounted shipping offered on multiple items).
- Shipping costs are included in the list price of every item.
- We will ship anywhere in the USA.

Our launch is planned for around the first week of December, and here’s how you can be involved.

1. Follow us on Instagram (one or both accounts) and Facebook. We are hoping to get a couple hundred followers on each account by the time we have our first sale.

2. Spread the word about Les Petites PDX. Tell all your mom friends who are on Instagram to follow us! Sales and purchases are not limited to Portland, so share with moms everywhere!

If you are interested in being a seller, email us at to learn more.

November 15, 2016

Life Lately

Life has been busy which is why last week we only had three blog posts.  I'm guessing life is busy for most of you, so hopefully you understand. I wasn't feeling inspired by a specific topic, so here are a few of life's happenings from the last few week.

Now that we are nearly through Pumpkin season, it's time to embrace everything peppermint. I found these peppermint chocolates at Pharmaca, and they are a new favorite. They contain nothing artificial and are made with fair trade cocoa. They have all sorts of tasty flavors I now want to try, including peanut butter and toasted coconut. 

While I'm talking food....I tried this Paleo pancake mix for the first time over the weekend. For the record, I don't eat paleo, but I'm not opposed to it. I give this mix two thumbs up, and so did the Mini Fashionista!

On Saturday the Mini Fashionista and I had lunch at Lovejoy Bakers Uptown location. We used to frequent the one in the Pearl District regularly after barre3. I have to say, I like this location even better. They have great food, cool decor and most importantly lots of parking! 

Saturday Night we went out to drinks and dinner with friends. Our fist stop was the Bit House Saloon. If you haven't been, I highly recommend it. They have a great beer selection, fantastic cocktails, and it has an ambience that is unlike anything else in Portland. We didn't eat there, but I've heard great things about the food. 

Dinner took us to Renata. This was my second time eating there, and it did not disappoint. Everything is not just good, but fantastic...the pasta, the pizza, the salumi and cheese plate, the dessert. Whether you live in Portland or are visiting, Renata should be on your list. 

We finished the weekend at a birthday party held at Portland Child Art Studio. It was our first time there, and I was really impressed. It's definitely a place to consider for birthday parties and also for art classes. I might look into an art class for the Mini Fashionista in the new year.

So that's life lately! 

November 14, 2016

Wish List

I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but I've already started compiling my Christmas wish list. Really I don't need anything, but it's always fun to have a list anyway.

My friend has this sweater, and it's way better in person than in this photo.

I would also really like to have the Athleta Aspire pant that I blogged about a few months ago (post here) in Navy. They've exceeded my expectations, and I've worn them even more than I anticipated. 
Athleta Aspire ankle pant $79

If you saw my recent post (here), then you know I'm currently coveting everything from Sézane, including these loafers. 
Michael Loafers $200

My practical self really wants this robot vacuum. I'm kind of a neat freak and get serious joy out of a clean house....the idea of a clean floor nearly all the time is just more than I can handle. 

November 9, 2016

C&C in the Kitchen

Yesterday I decided to make pureed vegetable soup. The first time we took the Mini Fashionista to Europe she spent the first week eating primarily fruit, bread and banana chips...that was until we got to this fantastic hotel in the Dolomites that had a pureed vegetable soup just for kids. She devoured it every night. 

With her tastes being somewhat difficult these days, especially at dinner time, I decided to see if the pureed vegetable soup was still a winner. 

I didn't follow a recipe, but I did find this great post from Epicurious that serves as a recipe for those of you that need one. 

Basic Instructions
- Sauté onion in chosen oil (I used butter) until soft
- Add garlic and sauté for another minute or two
- Chop all vegetables (I used butternut and delicate squash, turnips, carrots, potatoes and broccoli) 
- Add vegetables and stir for a few more minutes. I also added a little white wine (an opened bottle) and deglazed it. You can easily skip this step. 
- Add herbs (I added a sprig of thyme and a few rosemary) and salt and pepper
- Cover with water and simmer on high (covered) until all vegetables are soft. 
- Remove herbs before blending
- Blend (I used an immersion blender which is much easier than transferring to and from a blender)
- Add coconut milk or cream to thicken 

Here's what my soup looked like. We took a stale baguette and made some garlic croutons that we served on top.

So grab all of the veggies out of your refrigerator and try this! Unfortunately the Mini didn't love it as much as she did in Italy, but she ate it...somewhat willingly.