September 27, 2016

Like to Know It

This photo popped into my Instagram feed yesterday (here), and it reminded me immediately of my friend KG, so I sent it to her. 

Then I decided I had to share it will all of you. The dress is classic, unique and well priced.

And the shoes...they might be my favorite part of the outfit. They are also very well priced and they look like they would be pretty comfortable too. 

I'll be back later this week with a post on the blogger, Jennifer Lake of Style Charade, who posted the photo of this dress. 

September 21, 2016

What I Wore

During our recent trip to Sun Valley, I picked up this amazing Rebecca Taylor silk ruffle dress at Consign Design. We returned to SV over the weekend to meet Mini Fashionista II, and some family friends hosted a "sip n' see". It offered the perfect opportunity to wear my new dress. 

I paired it with my Target Wedges (post here). It's hard to believe they are 4 years old. And for my birthday (it's this week), Katie gave me the Smith Sidney sunglasses I was coveting (post here)...Thanks Sister.

This post is a good example how you can mix and match expensive and inexpensive. Rebecca Taylor dress + target shoes. A match made! 

And cheers to AS (a loyal friend and reader) for taking the photos! She experienced her first trip to SV over the weekend, and I think she's hooked. Of course we had to take her to Consign Design... #svlifeisthebestlife

September 20, 2016

Keeping it Real: Mind Your Manners

I wrote this "Keeping it Real" post on manners over two years ago, and I felt like it needed to be pulled back out of the vault, for my own good and the good of society.

From July 25, 2014...

Katie and I grew up with parents that heavily stressed good manners.

We were taught to shake someone's hand (with a good, firm grip), look them in the eye and address them as Mr. or Mrs. until we were told otherwise.

We answered the telephone with a script, "Wilson residence, Regan speaking".

We wrote thank you notes.

We said please and thank you.

We sat up straight without our elbows on the table (most of the time).

We asked to be excused.

We cleared our plates and put them in the dishwasher.

My question is this, when did it become socially acceptable to be rude and disrespectful? Is it just me or have good manners become a thing of the past? This topic is on my brain because I drill into the Mini Fashionista on a daily, hourly, minutely (is that a word?) basis the importance of nice manners.

Just last week we were driving to an appointment and there was an unusual amount of traffic which was going to cause me to be about 5-10 minutes late. So I picked up my phone and called to let them know that I was going to be late. The Mini asked me "mommy, why did you say you are sorry? We only say sorry when we hit". Well yes, apologizing after hitting is important, but that is not the only time (the conversation went on).

While five minutes is a somewhat insignificant period of time, it's not really about the time. It's about having the courtesy to appreciate that everyone's time is precious and be respectful of that.

I'd like to make a few of my own observations about manners, or lack there of. And please remember, I do not admit to being perfect (Emily Post would surely have some suggestions), but I do make a concerted effort. And, I respect the fact that not everyone will agree with me on this topic.

1. It is not okay to leave a phone call/voicemail unanswered. EVER. Be it personal or professional. One of my biggest pet peeves during my time at Nike was this exact problem. Call people back. Similarly, I would like to add (2016) if you receive an invitation, make sure to it an evite, an email or a paper invitation. It is so rude not to. 

2. Make introductions. If you are in a social setting and two people are not acquainted, introduce them as soon as possible.

3. Ask nicely. Say thank you.

4. Write thank you notes. If someone goes out of their way for you, hosts you for a dinner, makes a kind gesture, or gives you a gift, write a hand written note. Not a text. Not an email. A note. With pen and paper.

5. Write a thank you note(s) after an interview. If you really want a job, you should have enough time and motivation to do this.

6. Look people in the eye. Why is it that so many people cannot have an eye to eye conversation? I can't tell you how many times recently I have been talking to someone and they can't look me in the eye.

7. Shake hands when you meet someone. And please, please don't have a limp hand shake. There is nothing worse than a limp grip.

8. Don't be late. And if you are going to be late, pick up the phone and call, or at least, send a text. Be respectful of other people's time.

9. If someone has food in their teeth, tell them...likewise, if their underwear is caught in their skirt, they really should know.

10. And finally, put down the phone. I am writing this to tell myself as much as I am hoping to tell others. It is rude to constantly look at your phone as if there is something more important than the person/people in your company. Engage with them as if they matter. Because they do.

I believe that good manners begin at a young age. Children with bad manners are simply a result of parents with bad manners. As a parent, one of the best gifts you can give to your children is that of manners. Teach them young, and it will surely carry into their adult life and serve them well.

And may I say, thank you for reading.

September 19, 2016

Rockets of Awesome

I was recently introduced to the kids clothing subscription box called "Rockets of Awesome". 

Four times a year they send you a box with 12 items (11 pieces of clothing and one accessory) for your child. You fill out a profile with your child's sizes and preferences, and they send you items based on your profile. 

Shipping is free, and you are only charged for the items you keep. The clothes are designed by the Rockets of Awesome team to be durable, comfortable and at an affordable price point....most items fall between $12-$36. 

We received our first box last week, and I will admit that I was pleasantly surprised. 

First the items we didn't keep....I would have kept some of these if she didn't already have so many clothes. 

I really loved this dress ($34), but with the warm weather coming to an end I am only buying long sleeve dresses.

I kept two items, a pair of basic navy leggings ($14) and this adorable top ($24). 

Overall I really liked the style of the clothes, the design details, like the colored zipper, and the out of box experience. 

I highly recommend anyone with a child between the age of 2-12 try it! If you use this link to join, once you make your first purchase, you will get one item for free! I can't wait for our winter box to arrive! 

September 16, 2016

Like Mother Like Daughter

You may remember last year when I bought this sweater/shirt from Nordstrom (post here). 

I was at J Crew a few weeks ago and came across this shirt in the girl's section, and it is nearly identical.  

I didn't buy it because $65 is only $3 less than what I paid for mine....ridiculous!! And, I'm not really sure I need to match my Mini. Although, if and when it goes on sale....I could be tempted. 

September 15, 2016

Products We Love

I love supporting friends and local businesses, so when I found out a good friend of ours was launching this Kick Starter campaign, I knew it was something I had to share.

OTTOLOCK is for every cyclist and outdoor enthusiast in your life! We already placed our order, and I can't wait for ours to arrive.

Even if you don't own a bike, how great would this be for a stroller? I've had a few friends have their strollers stolen off their porch, and the OTTOLOCK would totally prevent that!

September 14, 2016

Currently Coveting

If you read last month's Back to School post, then you saw that the Mini Fashionista got some new  New Balance sneakers.

Having worked at Nike for 6 years, it was hard for me to have in her in a non-Nike, but these are just so cute, and they have velcro, and Nike doesn't offer many shoes in her size with velcro. 

After watching her run around in these cool kicks the last week, I'm coveting a pair for myself. 

Given how much navy and white I wear, I think these would be my first choice.

I have a birthday coming up next week, and these are definitely on my list.