September 19, 2014

Oh Canada

I don't often think about our friendly neighbors to the North, but since I saw this jacket from a Canadian company, I've had Canada on my mind.

My friend Molly was wearing it in the barre3 studio the other day, and I was immediately smitten. It looks a bit like something you might find at Lululemon.

It has the most adorable ruching along the sides, neck and shoulders.

And I'm obsessed with the metallic polka dot fabric. 

Here's the thing, Molly really didn't want me to blog about it. She said I could get one, but she doesn't want all of Portland wearing it. Well, I was just too excited not to share it, but have you noticed that I haven't shared the name of the company? Well, to make it just a little harder, you will have to track it down yourself. I know that's a totally lame thing to do, but I want to keep Molly as my friend. L

September 18, 2014

Products We Love

Last weekend in Bend I found these fantastic mason jar lids called Intelligent Lids (i lids) at the local market. I couldn't resist buying one in Pink. 

They come in two styles, two sizes and nine colors. This is the drink lid. 

And these are storage lids.

They are a little pricey. I paid $7.99, but so much more functional that traditional mason jar lids and so much more FUN! If you drink smoothies, make dressing, etc. in mason jars I think you will like these.

September 17, 2014

C&C in the Kitchen

This week has flown by. I've barely had a chance to sit down, let alone spend much time writing blog posts. So I thought I would share something new that I am loving.

Thanks to my friend Meaghan, I have a new favorite product in my refrigerator, Califia Toasted coconut almond milk. I made a batch of granola (recipe here), and will be topping it with some blueberries and this yummy stuff! 

Have your tried it? 

September 16, 2014

C & C Around the House: Jayson Home

Decorating our home (which we've now been in just over two years) is a constant work in progress. We were really fortunate to have the furniture from our two respective pre-marriage condos fit in some form, but there was still furniture to buy. College friend and designer Kate Belchers of Kate Collins Interiors was a fabulous e-counsel to finish off our living room with a few much-needed pieces. The cherry on top was a chair she recommended to us from Jayson Home

With the length of our couch and the way that the room is open with doors on both sides of the wall on both sides of the room (say that three times fast), we needed something that wasn't too heavy. The Delphine Chair was just the ticket. To stay with the neutral pallet but get away from blues and grays, we chose to have it covered in a dusty rose (we won't call it pink for Dr. B's sake). I'm so happy with how it turned out and was especially glad I got a discount during an upholstery sale (#protip - they're having one now for 20% off). 

Their fall catalog recently arrived and makes me want to redecorate every room in our house. Here are a few things I'm loving. This Willow End Table is just the right amount of rustic glam. 

These Sailor Marble Boards would be the perfect wedding or housewarming gift. 

Beach house? Little boy's room? I don't care, this glazed Jane Lamp is as the kids are saying these days, "everything."

With that extra $6,000 I have lying around, I'm thinking the Jasper Console could be a good investment piece (I don't have the space or the money, but it sounds good, right?). 

If you've got a trip to Chicago planned, I'd highly recommend a stop at Jayson Home to see in person all their decorative glory. 

September 15, 2014

Would you, Should You

Remember earlier this summer when we posted the Birkenstock question (post here). Well, today I am posing another question.

Would you...should you wear Tevas for more than a river trip? My friend Meaghan recently showed me these Tevas.

Gold polka dots? I could be convinced that these are maybe, just maybe, slightly chic. 


September 12, 2014

Second Chance

Remember way back in April when I posted these fantastic Ashton sneakers from ShoeMint (post here)?

I know a number of readers ordered them. Well, I did, and then I made the mistake of keeping them even though they were too small. My friend Amanda was the benefactor of my bad decision as she is now the proud owner of my shoes. Lucky lady. 

Well, it seems like I may have a second chance because Gap is selling a nearly identical pair for a somewhat reasonable $49.95

I'm really tempted to order the pink ones. Has anyone tried these shoes in the store? I would love to hear your thoughts. 

September 11, 2014

Black Tie Optional

I've got a work trip coming up and one of the events is a black tie optional dinner. Did I mention the trip is to Paris? I know, I know. It's tough being me. Especially since I got to go on the same trip last year (remember those posts?) This year I'll be going sans Dr. B, but know it will still be a nice jaunt across the pond. I digress.

If this was a work event at home, black-tie optional (which really means cocktail these days) would mean take a nice work dress, add a statement necklace with some sparkle, and voila! But Paris…it's the majors. And while I wish this amazing gold Dolce and Gabanna dress that I have was an option, it doesn't fit (we'll save that for a "Keeping it Real" post one of these days) and Rent the Runway doesn't make sense because it's an overseas trip. Nordstrom to the rescue. 

This Maggy London dress is a steal at $150 ($148 to be exact), is the ideal length for my taste, and is perfectly chic. I've learned that this style is my go-to if I want something figure flattering, and I know this will become an "old reliable" in my closet. For reference, I ordered a size up since it's a close, body-conscious fit - I didn't want to look too bootylicious around my colleagues. Of course I'll be sharing photos from the trip in early October, so stay tuned. 

Anyone have any must-dos, must-eats in Paris that I may not know about?