May 5, 2014

Nerd Prom

This weekend we were fortunate enough to attend the White House Correspondents' Dinner, or as it is fondly known, the nerd prom. Of course the biggest dilemma was what to wear. D.C. is often called the ugly people's when real Hollywood comes to town, it's only right to step up the game. I narrowed down my options to these three dresses.

Carolina Herrera - Saks 5th Avenue - Badgley Mischka

When it came down to it, the floral dress was the obvious choice. I loved the vibrant color palette - perfect for spring. And the fit was most flattering for my figure. 


I added a pair of magenta Zara heels, Slate & Willow earrings, and a bracelet and bracelet watch that were my grandmother's. 

After a quick blow out and makeup from Blue Mercury, I was ready to go. 

The night was amazing! I threw out all decorum and was completely shameless, asking for photos with TV personalities, actors, and athletes. 

Clockwise: Julianna Margulies, Matt Lauer,
CynthiaNixon, Katharine McPhee
Clockwise: Molly Parker & Mahershala Ali,
Dr. B & Tim Tebow, Lindsey Vonn, Savannah Guthrie

There were a few stars I missed seeing up close and personal (specifically Jessica Simpson and Lupita Nyong'o), but I definitely got my fill. Lindsey Vonn and Savannah Guthrie were my favorites of the night. As a former ski racer, it was fun to meet someone who has done so much for the sport. And Savannah is quite possibly the nicest and most gracious TV personality I've ever met.

The ballroom was packed to the gills. The president's speech was well-received and Joel McHale had some real zingers,  but my favorite part of the night was the video that Vice President Biden phoned in. 

And, of course, it's always nice to see Dr. B looking handsome in his tuxedo - we hadn't been dressed up together since our wedding. And just as quickly as la-la land descended on D.C., they have departed, sending us back to reality. Until next year....


  1. Wow! I think it's amazing that you attended and met all those celebrities. You look so glamorous. It almost sounds like a fairy tale night!

  2. You look gorgeous and the dress looks better on you than on the model!

  3. Katie, I love reading your blog and seeing all of the awesome things you are doing! Keep up the inspiring work!

  4. Felicidades, te ves preciosa y que bellas oportunidad de compartir con gente tan famosa, love u. Tu esposo también muy guapo.

  5. i can't believe you were there! i was watching the correspondents' dinner on cspan. you looked fabulous!