May 6, 2014

Met Ball Red Carpet Recap

Last night was the annual Met Gala Costume Institute Ball, and while the Academy Awards are the true Super Bowl of fashion, the Met Gala is also a "go big or go home" kind of event. There were so many hits and misses to share, but instead I've decided to stick to a theme, black and white. (images via)

Let's start with Gisele and Tom. She is wearing Balenciaga. I think the dress is gorgeous and so is the plunging neckline. Why does she always have to look so good. Damn her! 

Jessica Paré of Mad Men is in Michael Kors. I love the design and silhouette of this dress.

Hailee Steinfeld looks stunning in Prabul Gurung. The hair, the makeup...everything. I think she nailed it!

While I don't think either Victoria or David got the "go big or go home" message, they nailed the black and white. How could this couple look bad? She is wearing her own label and he is wearing Ralph Lauren Black Label.

I also love the neckline of Zoe Saldana's Michael Kors dress. The bottom half is fun and totally appropriate for the event.

And now, I have saved the BEST for last, Sarah Jessica Parker. She had what can only be called a "Carrie Bradshaw moment". If there was a belle of the ball, she was it. And, if you want to know who designed the dress....just look on the back. It's written on the bottom right. Talk about branding! 

Even if you hate the dress, there is no doubt that she stole the show! 

And while she didn't fall into my black and white theme, Blake Lively and her beau, Ryan Reynolds are GORGEOUS in Gucci. Girlfriend has a hot husband, a banging body and the most fabulous hair. 

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