July 14, 2014

Hydrate 28 - The Verdict Is In

It's not often that Regan and I blog together in the same post, but today is your lucky day. We're giving you the results of our #Hydrate28 challenge. I can't believe I'm putting these pictures on the Internet, but here goes.

I don't really see a big difference in these photos - maybe my skin is a little shinier (or is it the light?). That being said, there have definitely been some changes. First, the most notable, when you drink enough water, you pee....a lot. I've never been pregnant, but this must be what it's like. But it isn't just the peeing, I've actually seen some benefits. My regular medium-grade almost daily headaches (I suffer from migraines) have gotten better. And, sometimes I get these little bumps on the back of my arms (on my triceps) and they are pretty much gone. I consider those two things alone success! The great thing about this challenge for me is that I'm back on track. Just like 30 for 30 got me exercising 6 days a week again, now I'm on the water wagon - and I don't have any plans of falling off again. #hydrate28forever

And now, it's my turn (Regan). Twenty eight days of 3 liters of water per day, and what are the results?



The before and after are pretty much the same. I still have dark circles under my eyes, a big freckle on my nose, some wrinkles and chicken pox scars. It's not as if I expected any of these things to disappear, although it would have been nice if they had.

However, like Katie said, there have been noticeable changes in my body. My skin may not look better, but it feels better to the touch, and I've been pretty much zit free since I started. Like Katie, I too have experienced a decrease in my headaches, which is a definite plus. And, as I shared in my mid-point update, I feel fewer negative effects on my body when I drink alcohol.

So, as the #hydrate28 challenge comes to an end, I will say that this has been a life changing month. I will never go back to my poor hydration habits. There may not be many visible physical changes, but I know that I feel better and that my body is benefiting from proper hydration.

So, how did the challenge go for you? We would love to hear from you through the blog comments, Facebook or twitter.

P.S. I am convinced that this photo was enhanced, and that this woman did not really look this much better after 28 days.

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