July 11, 2014

What I Wore

Yes, you read the title correctly! Today is a "What I Wore" post, and it's not coming from Katie. Gasp! I actually dressed myself in something other than workout clothes. Can you believe it?

Let me start at the beginning. Last week in Sun Valley I made a trip to my favorite store on the face of the planet (no exaggeration), Consign Design. I happened upon these fabulous, unworn pair of Michael Kors sandals. At $55 I knew they had to be mine! 

Here's a close up!

And here is how I wore them for the first time, just last night when The Mini Fashionista and I met a friend and her son for dinner.

I paired them with my white Target Merona shorts (from last summer) and a Cynthia Steffe Top I bought on Gilt Groupe ages ago. Nothing fancy, but appropriate for the 85 degree weather and a casual dinner. 

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