June 16, 2014

Keeping it Real

Get ready...this post is about as real as I can get...today's post includes a picture of me, first thing in the morning with greasy hair and no makeup! It's definitely the worst photo I have ever posted on any form of social media.

But first, the back story...

I recently saw this photo of a British journalist, Sarah Smith, who claims that after 28 days of drinking 3 Liters of water a day (approximately 100 ounces) she looks "10 years younger." Is it the water or is it the lighting, makeup and airbrushing?

This is an old story (here) and clearly not a new concept. With a Masters degree in Physiology I, of all people, know how important water is for cellular function, joint lubrication, waste removal, maintenance of body temperature....the list goes on and on and on. 

Recommendations on how much water you should consume are somewhat controversial, especially when it comes to fluid replacement during exercise. As far as general guideline for daily water consumption, it's about 2 Liters per day for women and 3 Liters for men. 

Despite my intimate knowledge of these recommendations, I am terrible at drinking water. So, when I saw this picture I began to think, what if I committed to 28 days of 3 Liters of water a day? Would I look 10 years younger?  I'm not holding my breath on the 10 years younger results, but would my skin be better, my dark circles lighter, my wrinkles less noticeable?

I figure, it's worth finding out! 

So, here I am on the morning of day 1 of my 28 day commitment to drinking more water. I can't believe I am posting this photo, but if it's all about keeping things real...well this is about as real as it gets.  There is no filter on this photo, no auto enhance, nothing. I took this picture at about 6:30 a.m. and will do the same when I post my "after" photo. 

Until then. Is there anyone that wants to join me and report back on their results?


  1. You're beautiful Regan! I'm going to guzzle water and think of you! xo

  2. I am in but how can I post my picture on here? Do I send it to you?

  3. I'm in Raleigh. Barre 3 Five Points. I'll commit to doing it! - Shanna Schroeder

  4. well i'm just catching up on my blog reading so i missed the picture taking (i think that would be too scary lol) but i always need to drink more water, so i'll join you on the challenge!