June 13, 2014

C & C on the Move: Friday Field Trip

Sometimes you just need a mental health day. Last week three friends and I took a field trip north to Baltimore and it was just the pick-me-up I needed. 

My friend Hilary, founder of Genuine Joy, is from the area and knows all the best stops. After some retail therapy, we headed to Liquid Earth in Fells Point for lunch. It's a vegetarian, vegan, and raw restaurant that takes all the best natural ingredients and turns them into satisfying and nutritious pure deliciousness. It's the kind of restaurant that proves you can eat out, eat healthy, and still feel like you've indulged (without actually indulging). I had the "Hippy Lippy" smoothie....

and the most amazing hemp burger - it was so flavorful. And while I'm still a fan of the real thing, this was a tasty alternative. 

From there we went to the Four Seasons in Harbor East to Lamill Coffee

They've got the BEST coffee and baked goods in the area. And, to top it off, the decor and view of the harbor are easy on the eyes. So while it was the best way to end the afternoon, we also got some bad news. They're closing! I guess I'll have to head to Los Angeles to get my Lamill fix. 

Don't you think you deserve a Friday field trip too? Put one on the books - it's good for the soul and is definitely C & C approved.

Happy Friday friends!

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