June 17, 2014

My Favorite Things: Friends, Fashion, Food

This weekend a "brain child" of mine came to fruition. I know a lot of great, smart women. But they don't necessarily know each other and I wanted to do something about it. Here's how it worked. I invited some friends to think of one person that would enjoy meeting a bunch of other cool women...then, invite that person to "My Favorite Things." But I couldn't leave it at just that. I asked each person to make/bake/buy (I don't judge) one dozen of their favorite treats to swap. And then, the pies de resistance was a History & Industry jewelry trunk show. I'll call it "Katie's Trifecta."

I love a good excuse to get out of my workout clothes on the weekend and decided a classic navy and white ensemble was perfect to show off my History & Industry necklace (note the wedding shoes). 

The great thing about an afternoon sweet swap was I didn't need to do too much prep work (other than my own baking, which you'll hear about in another post). A mimosa bar (tip: freeze juice as ice cubes to keep it cold throughout the party) and some veggies and apple slices to counter the sugar were just the ticket.

The ladies loved Irene's pieces (remember my obsessions with her art and jewelry here and here) just as much as I do. I went home with the earrings and the necklace on the bottom. 

And...just as I'd hoped, people enjoyed time with friends, old and new. 

Irene (and MK) thanks for making the trip down from NY! You're so incredibly talented and I love that we've connected post-college. Whitties for life! 

C & C fans, I highly suggest hosting your own "Favorite Things." I'm already pondering the next get together...a group barre3 class might be in order. 


  1. Such a fun way to get friends from all over together!

  2. that looks like so fun! and i love that peplum blouse!