May 2, 2013

What I Wore

This past weekend I had the opportunity to wear some of my recent purchases! First, on Friday night we dined at our favorite Portland restaurant, Caffe Mingo. The weather was amazing, so we enjoyed dinner al fresco! The Mini and I especially liked the apple crisp dessert.

Back to the outfits. I wore my Joe Fresh lace shorts from JCP (seen previously here), Ralph Lauren sweater from Consign Design and my Target glitter sandals (seen here and here). 

The light is terrible, but you get the idea. I think next time I will go for a lighter color top.

Then on Saturday I again wore the Target Sandals. This time paired with the Levi's Denim Jacket from Costco (blogged about here), an old J Crew cotton blouse, my LV Speedy30 and Keepall strap (the cost effective solution) and white Gap 1969 Skimmer Jeans. I blogged about this same style in camouflage a while back (here). I ended up returning those and getting the white instead. The fit of these pants is perfect! I want to get them in every color!

Our outing included a trip to Ikea...a perfect place to snap a full-length photo!

The Portland weather has been amazing, so maybe I will be dressing myself a bit more in the coming weeks. 


  1. I was just talking to Heather about the skimmer jeans yesterday!

  2. The skimmer jeans,especially the 1969 skinny, are fantastic! I want to buy them in every color!