March 27, 2013

Splurge vs. Save

A denim jacket is a necessary staple in every women's closet. It can be worn in any season, and with a variety of outfits. The denim "tuxedo" is currently on trend, so for the time being you can even wear a denim jacket with jeans (gasp)! I had a J Crew denim jacket a number of years ago, but for some reason I never replaced it. There are lots of options out there....Gap, Levi's, premium denim brands, etc, but here is no jacket more traditional in denim than Levi's, so their Trucker Jacket is a perfect choice.

That said, I didn't have to go to the Levi's store to get my new denim jacket. Instead, a friend tipped me off to Levi's denim jackets at Costco for $24.99! Score! I wore it earlier this week to barre3. Thanks Heather for taking this photo so I could show you what the jacket looks like, and don't mind the Mini behind me. P.S. I think I need an orange wall like that in my house for "what i wore" photos. It's a perfect background!

If you live in Portland, they have the jackets in two colors at the Costco in Beaverton and in Tigard!   Hurry before you miss out on this fantastic deal!


  1. Where did you get those adorable shoes! I love them!

  2. The shoes are Kate Spade from nearly 8 or 9 years ago. Funny how trends come full circle. I am gald I didn't get rid of them! :)