March 26, 2013

Products We Love

For the jewelry that I wear most often, it's nice to have it out so I can easily pick and choose for my outfits. Thankfully, we've got some great shelves in our bathroom and I've dedicated one to organize my baubles. 

Even if it's a small collection, the need for organization is inevitable. So here are my favorite ways to keep your accessories well accessorized. I received this Waterford Round Ringholder as a college graduation gift, and it has seen its share of rings (mostly cocktail from H & M). Now it's the night time parking place of my wedding rings. This is a great gift for the bride-to-be or any girl who likes a pretty place to store rings.

OCD, neat freaks unite at The Container Store, and that's where I found these treasures. I've got three tiered jewelry organizers for my necklaces and large collection of Angela Caputi bracelets. At $14.99 you can't go wrong. And the 4-section acrylic swivel organizer for $12.99 is the perfect place to store your favorite earrings - which in my case are the Kate Spade Gumdrops. When I find jewelry I like, I buy it in every color (I wasn't kidding about the OCD). 

How do you store your accessories? 

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  1. I found a ceramic decorative paper towel holder at World Market and it looks great with bracelets stacked on it. My favorites are vintage Hermes enamel ones so I love having them out in view.