March 25, 2013

Target Does it Again

This past weekend I took a quick overnight girl's trip to the Oregon Coast with some mom friends. We escaped our kids to enjoy a little R&R. We walked on the beach, got massages, drank wine, ate cheese, read trashy magazines and had some good girl talk. It was a much needed getaway for all of us, and it was a ton of fun! The scenery wasn't bad either...

Back to the purpose of this friend AL, a fellow fashionista, introduced me to a fabulous blog called Target Does it Again! The premise is pretty basic: these two women go to Target and document the things they think are cool, cute, chic, etc. Check out some of their Target finds.

You can also follow them on instagram and pinterest!


  1. Super jealous of your weekend (and that adorable b&w Target dress!) -- sounds so relaxing!

  2. Oh girl!! I am doing the same thing very soon with some girl friends and I cannot wait!! Those neon heels are in my closet now. Must check out their blog

  3. Such a fun weekend! Knew you'd love those target chics:)!