March 28, 2013

Is that Hermes, no, it's C. Wonder!

I was perusing instagram (you can follow me here) and about had a heart attack (dishes have that effect on me) when I saw this picture.

Are you kidding me? The chains, the navy, the's PURE PERFECTION. And it's from C. Wonder, not Reynaud, Bernadaud, or Hermes. Now if I was Kim Kardashian, who I'm not, because there clearly haven't been rumors about me naming my baby North...Get it...North West (BTW I'm not pregnant)(hat tip Suri Cruise for the intel on the baby names), I would have registered for Hermes china...because it's RIDICULOUS. But, if you have a little bit of an imagination, these two patterns.....

Pretty much become this.

So if you're wondering what to get me for my birthday (in six months)? I'll take a set of the bowls to start. They would go brilliantly with the China I do have. Thanks C. Wonder. I'm totally over your tift with Tory

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