April 17, 2013

Splurge vs. Save

The other night my BFF was over for dinner with her husband. Both of us have the LV Speedy 30, and a few years ago she got a thin strap for hers so she can wear it across her body.

My +1 and I are taking a trip to San Francisco in June (without the Mini Fashionista), and I really would like to carry my LV bag since it's not practical for everyday wear with the Mini. That said, I get tired of carrying it on my forearm, especially now since I've developed "tennis elbow" from carrying my 28lb child!

I suggested to my +1 that a strap would make a wonderful Mother's Day Gift. I figured it wouldn't be that costly, but I was wrong. They are over $200 for the thin, simple strap! No surprise...LV isn't exactly budget friendly. After my +1 gasped in horror, and kindly reminded me that I am not actually his mother and that I have plenty of luxury vinyl, my friend suggested I use the strap from my LV Keepall instead.

I quickly ran to my closet, grabbed the strap, and presto chango, for no additional cost (notice I didn't say "no cost"), I have a strap for my speedy 30! Both my friend and I agreed that it looks pretty great!

Clearly the strap hasn't been used much as it looks brand new. I better get working on that.

So, moral of the story... I could have splurged and bought a very expensive strap, but instead I shopped in my closet and found an even better solution! Thanks SKC for the idea! You are the best, and not just because you came up with this great idea!

P.S. A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Mini Fashionista who is 2 years old today! And she's already accessorizing. This girl is like her mom and her aunt and LOVES Angela Caputi!


  1. First of all, I'm loving the chairs you have in the background of the photo! Also, I have carried a similar size bag(not the speedy 30) with a slim strap. I found that the heaviness of the bag pulled on the thin strap, and hurt my shoulder. My point: I think this will work out much better. It was meant to be! HBD to the mini.

  2. The chairs are from the Elements of Style giveaway that I won! They are from a company called Industry West!