April 16, 2013

D.C. Design House

On Saturday we attended the D.C. Design House preview party. If you aren't familiar with the design house, it was founded by our INCREDIBLE friends and Realtors Debbie and Skip Singleton of D.C. Living.

Me and Deb
Started in 2008, the Design House takes a home that is currently on the market and gives local designers the opportunity to showcase their talents in a "flowing design home." The house (which is for sale for $14.9 million) is open to visitors for one month and all the proceeds of the event go to the Children's National Medical Center.

Photo via D.C. Design House

We attended the "bare bones" empty house tour about a month ago and I was anxious to check out the final product. As we decorate our own home, I'm always on the lookout for inspiration and ideas, and I definitely found it here. My favorite room was the living room, designed by Victoria Neale. I loved the color pallet, the subtle floral prints, and the room's understated elegance.

photo via Washington Post

I'm definitely filing this idea away for our finished attic. We need some extra sleeping space, and this set up with a trundle bed instead of drawers might just be the ticket.

photo via Washington Post

On the top of my "wish list" is a piece of art from Irene Wood. We're trying to figure out the size, but this piece will likely be along the lines of what we get. 

I really liked this light that was hung above some of the art in the house and am hoping an electrician can figure something out for our 1930s plaster walls. 

We don't have a space like this, but I thought this vignette was so pretty. The dark paint in contrast with the white is really stunning. And obviously the acrylic table is amazing. 

If you live in the area, I highly recommend a visit - you have until May 12. If not, check out the Washington Post photo tour

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