March 20, 2013

A Pot of Gold

I have these Target gold sandals that I have had for at least three years. They go with everything, and I wear them all the time. That said, they have no arch support and are starting to fall apart, so I am on the hunt for a new pair of gold sandals.

Here are some options, all for under $100...because I'm not spending more than that unless I find something really, really fabulous!

These Target sandals might just do the trick. Although I am sure they will be less than comfortable and fall apart in a few seasons as well, but they are to die for cute and only $16.99. They are definitely worth purchasing, even if they do only last one summer. I tried to find them in the store, but no luck, so I have pre-ordered the online as they are on back order! With shipping they were only $22.

I am in LOVE with these gold glitter sandals! These could be the front runner, if the Target ones don't work. The price is still very reasonable, but "expensive" in comparison.

These just might be the pair I would spend more than $100 wouldn't be much over. I know they would be comfortable, and I love Cole Haan.

Do you have a favorite pair of summer sandals, gold or another color? Would love to know what they are!

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