November 5, 2014

Le Tote-Part Deux

My second "tote" from Le Tote was a much bigger success than the first. I actually wore all three items of clothing. 

Two of the items were by Splendid and basically the same style, and while I liked both of them, I think Splendid is way overpriced. I digress... Say hello to Laverne. 

And Shirley.

The third is this jacket from Willow & Clay. I liked the idea of it, but the button at the bottom was a little weird.

I didn't get a photo of the Laverne top, but I did wear the Shirley top and the blazer to our "family interview" to the French American International School, where we hope to send Sydney next year. And of course I topped it off with my new chain link necklace from Ily Couture. In case you missed the post, check it out here

I should have worn different boots....anyway...I am looking forward to my third tote sometime next week. I'm hopeful that I will want to purchase at least one thing from these totes before my two month subscription is over. 

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