September 18, 2013

Booting up for Winter

The same friend who introduced me to these handbags recently said she was on the hunt for lined black winter boots. We all feel very sorry for her and this horrible dilemma. Nothing sounds worse than trouncing around the Alps and Europe...

Sarcasm and jealousy aside, I had to help a friend out. Especially since this mountain girl loves herself some winter boots. I'm not sure if she's looking for hardcore snow boots or something for everyday conditions. I found a mix of both. But it wasn't easy. There's definitely a market for someone to make some really incredible, fashionable, waterproof boots. Until then, these options will have to do.

Sorel has really picked up their game in the last few years. I've been a fan since I was a kid - it was part of the winter uniform - and my loyalty has continued on strong. I actually own both of these boots and love them equally.

Tivoli - $100
Slimpack Tall Riding Boot - $210
Regan blogged about the Canadian company Pajar last year in advance of her trip to Austria and Italy and they don't disappoint. These are probably my top picks of the boots I found.
Atlas - $395
Majestic - $395
A search on Amazon led me to these options...
Sasha Knee-High Boot - $262.50
Juliana - on sale for $199
Brighton - $119.99
And if you want to go the ultimate snow bunny route, these Tecnica's are kind of amazing.
Skandia Classic - $400
Creek Fur III - $460
Which is your favorite pair?

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