July 23, 2013

Brahmin Worthy

I was perusing instagram the other day and noticed an incredible handbag in the background of one of my friend's photos. Why look at her husband and adorable dog when I can admire her purse (sorry JPF)?! While I was skeptical that said handbag was available to those on the other side of the pond (she lives in Switzerland) inquiring minds had to know where it was from. Shocker - the manufacturer is just up the road (i.e. a short flight) in Fairhaven, MA.

Brahmin is a family-owned handbag company started in 1982 by Joan and Bill Martin. The name Brahmin was used in Boston in the 1800s to describe a cultured person from an established upper-class family, and was chosen by the Martins because they wanted to create a handbag that would meet the expectations of a Brahmin. Makes perfect sense to me. 

Coincidentally, Regan blogged about a Brahmin bag earlier this year that Kendi Everyday was carrying.  But after a stroll through their site, it only seemed right to share some of their other designs with you. Here are a few I'd have no problem carrying. 

Anywhere Weekender
Alexis Clutch
Tucker Tablet Flap
Adele Satchel
Annabelle Satchel

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