April 14, 2015

Pleasantly Surprised

A few weeks ago I received a Stitch Fix credit and decided it was time to give the service a try again. My first few "fixes" were fairly unsuccessful, so I didn't have high hopes. 

I told the stylist that I was on the hunt for a new pair of black skinny jeans, and much to my surprise, she delivered! 

At first I was a bit skeptical when I looked at the tag and saw that they were Mavi. It's not really a brand that I would gravitate towards, but I tried them on anyway, and they fit PERFECTLY! 

So, if you are in the market for a pair of black skinny jeans with low rise and some stretch, then I highly recommend giving these a try. 

The pictures don't do them justice. 

As you may have seen in my post last week, I wore them recently with my new TOMS and had to roll the cuff because I haven't had the time to take them to the tailor yet.

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  1. i am a long-time mavi jeans wearer. i have a favorite style that i bought 3 of back in 2010 when they were discontinued. LOVE them!