November 10, 2014

Oh Yes I Did

A few weeks ago Regan blogged about the Poler Napsack, which I too blogged about back in 2012 (clearly ahead of the trend). Well, after over two years of cold winter evenings on the couch and my husband's dwindling tolerance of warming up my cold hands and feet on him - he decided to make all my lounge wear dreams come true. 

Thanks to my amazing husband, I am now the proud (and warm) owner of the Rainbro Poler Napsack. He ordered me a large so it fully covers my toes when lounging. But a quick cinch of the bottom drawstring around the waist and it quickly becomes tea length. I definitely could have gotten the medium, but it might not have fully covered my feet. 

And because we believe in solidarity, Dr. B joined in the fun with the Furry Camo Green.  

Now we just need the two-man tent to match and we're set.

The Two Man Tent

And if you think this is just a gag, I've literally worn it every day since it arrived. 

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  1. Oh my goodness! This is the best. Made even more fabulous with the His & Hers. Awesome.