August 23, 2012

Would You Dare Wear...

I get cold. Always. In the office. In the car. Summer, winter, you name it. And while on principle, I am opposed to the Snuggie (I would never purchase one with my own money), they're actually quite functional. I was given one by my colleagues for my birthday two years ago and found that if wrapped in just a certain way, it can indeed look somewhat stylish. Did you know you could give a Snuggie bell sleeves and a cowl neck? Perfect for watching Jets football!

However, unless belted (you know I love a belt), the Snuggie is really only good for lounging. You aren't free to get up and do things around the house while still staying warm. #Fail. Enter The Napsack. It's a down coat and sleeping bag all in one. I've got a penchant for down coats (i.e. a small obsession), so I'm going to admit in front of the blogging world, I might actually wear this around our house. Do you think they'd make it in navy and white stripes? 

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