June 24, 2014

Happy Hydrating

Katie here...

Who read Regan's Keeping it Real post about drinking more water? I'm in for the #hydrate28 challenge and so far, it's going pretty well - with the exception of frequent potty stops. In the spirit of the challenge, I thought I'd give you some tips on how to meet your 3L (100 oz) daily goal.

Pick a bottle and know how many you need to drink to meet your goal. I've got a 1 L bkr bottle and a 26 oz Vega bottle. So I'm either drinking 3 bkrs or 4 Vegas to get to 100 oz.

Get an app on your phone to track as you drink. Here are two free options that I've experimented with and work pretty well. 

Switch it Up...there are lots of options when it comes to "water." The real thing always does the trick, but add some drinking diversity with sparkling water. I like La Croix in grapefruit or lime.

And we also buy big bottles of Pellegrino at Costco. 

Check out this infographic that shows what your body looks like without enough water.

We would love to know who has joined the #hydrate28 challenge, so feel free to post on the C&C Facebook page with any tips you might have. Also, use #hydrate28 to tag your photos on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We are all in this together! 

Happy hydrating!

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