June 25, 2014

Keeping it Real

Today's post focuses on the challenges of parenting. It's not an easy gig, but there are definitely tools to make it easier.

The Mini Fashionista is getting older and starting to ask a lot of questions, on challenging subjects. For these most challenging of topics,  I like to have a strategy. Sometimes my strategies come from blogs, like AHA Parenting.  I receive their daily email and find the articles extremely helpful. 

Recently, the book NurtureShock was recommended to me through the barre3 book club. I am not quite finished with it, but have devoured every chapter so far. The nice thing about this book is that each chapter addresses one single subject such as sibling rivalry, praise, race and intelligence. I highly recommend it 

I truly believe that the best way to address challenging subjects is by educating myself and then educating my child. In some cases that means books to read to her as well. Here are a few books I have purchased recently. 

"I Said No!" covers a variety of topics, including: what's appropriate and with whom and how to deal with inappropriate behavior, bribes and threats.

This book, A Rainbow of Friends, reminds children to celebrate their differences because that is what makes each of us so special.

Lastly, "Shades of People", explores of one of our most noticeable physical traits using vibrant photographs of children and a short text to inspire young children both to take notice and to look beyond the obvious.

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