June 26, 2014

C & C on the Move: The Land of Beautiful People and Green Juice

Katie here...

Last week I got to take a trip to Los Angeles for work. Key word, "got to." I'm an equal opportunity traveler - work or play. But this trip was a little of both. First, the work. Our CEO delivered the commencement address at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. You may know it from Lauren Conrad and "The Hills," you know you watched it...

Anyway, between a tour of the campus where I got to see some incredible talent in action (and Monique Lhullier's sketch from her junior year) and the actual ceremony at the Staples Center with 20,000 people - it was a memorable visit. 


But the best part was staying and visiting with my grandmother in Pasadena. My dad grew up right off Orange Grove (you know, they've got a pretty popular parade that happens there once a year). And I took a few morning walks through his old neighborhood and checked in on the house.

It's funny, even though we never lived in California, whenever I visit, I have a peaceful sense of home. And with all the beautiful architecture (here are a few favorites)....

And scenery...it's easy to see why people live there. Oh, and did I mention the weather? Humidity...nope, doesn't exist there.

We had a busy weekend full of food (you must try Hugo's - it's my kind of restaurant), a little theater to see my grandmother's friend perform, and a visit to St. Agatha Catholic Church. The church going was tops for the weekend. Think Catholicism meets Sister Act (one of the members of the choir was on The Voice) and Cheers (everyone knows your name). If you're ever in the area, it's worth a visit. 

Best of all was spending time with this lady. A grandmother, best friend, and confidant. She's truly 86 years of pure awesome. Did I mention she golfs twice a week, volunteers at a homeless women's shelter, and drives a mini cooper?

It was hard to say goodbye, but leave it to LAX to have decent food at the airport to dull the pain...green juice to the rescue.

Thankfully we're off to Sun Valley Saturday for the week. On the road again. Stay tuned for pictures of beautiful mountains and Consign Design finds (follow us on instagram @CardiCouture for live updates)!

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