June 27, 2014

Spluge vs. Save Take II

Last week I shared with you an affordable substitution to the fabulous Joie Sandals that Katie recently purchased (post here).

Well, today I have an even less expensive option. So, let's start at the beginning and break this down from high to low.

First, the Joie Nice Sandal at $125

Next, from Naya, the Crescent Sandal only $69 (and on sale for $50.99)

And this week's even less expensive, and equally as cute option, from BC Footwear the "Gotta Try" Thong Sandal for only $44.95. They come in fun colors too! 

So, if you weren't sold at $69...maybe $45 is more to the likings of your budget! Happy Shopping (again)! 

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