May 15, 2014

C & C on the Move: Houston, TX

Last weekend while Regan was in California at a wedding, I was at a family wedding in Houston, Texas with my mom. I had never spent any time in Houston, but knew a stop at Biscuit Home was in order. Wedding aside, I was excited for the trip just to check out this shop. I've read owner Bailey's blog, Peppermint Bliss, for quite some time and the girl has some mad decor skills

The store just reopened two weeks ago in a new location - and the pies de resistance upon arrival was this fun paint wall! But that was just the beginning. The store's bedding is dreamy. 

Colors and patterns are the name of the game. I don't know if it's the spring time weather, but I'm obsessing over floral right now. Maybe it started with my White House Correspondents dress?

They also have a section of the store with "manly" decor and gifts. The "east" and "west" coasters were my favorite. If Dr. B didn't have a small collection of coasters already, these would have come home with me - they were spot on for his New York and my Idaho self. 

Don't you worry, I didn't leave empty handed. I've been lusting after a pair of Lauren Hope earrings (top right) and it was only right that I came home with at least one souvenir. It took all of my self restraint to stop there. These beaded cuffs were calling my name. 

After shopping we needed some fuel to power us to our next stop. Tiny Boxwoods to the rescue. Attached to a nursery, this restaurant is all charm. Oh, and did I mention the food is awesome too. I had the most delicious beet and black bean burger. 

From lunch we made one last stop at a design/home/gift store recommended to us by the girls at Biscuit - Kuhl-Lindscomb. Let me set the stage for you. The store offers 70,000 square feet of display area, in five separate showrooms all in one location. That basically translates to - if they don't sell it, it probably doesn't exist. 

Bedding, glassware, lotion, socks, perfume, gift cards, soaps, linens, kitchenware.....

...and tablescaping tools that dreams are made of.

Brides-to-be, this place is registry heaven. I've never seen so many incredible china pattens in one place...Dr. B, maybe we should get married again so we can register here? 

Oh, and they've got furniture too...some really eclectic pieces that would definitely spice up any home. 

But all the shopping aside, the best part of the trip was spending Mother's Day weekend with my beautiful mom.  

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  1. Glad you enjoyed Houston! those are my top 3 places in H-town!