May 14, 2014

C&C on the Move

I was so excited this past weekend to get a four day child free getaway to San Diego for a wedding, the wedding of my friend Meredith who inspired me to start this blog!

First let me tell you about some of the fantastic eating we did. Given that the barre3 Spring Challenge started last Monday, I was on a mission to stick to my eating plan as best as possible. There are plenty of healthy eating options around San Diego. Our first stop upon my arrival on Thursday afternoon was at Lean and Green Cafe in La Jolla. They have an awesome selection of salads, bowls, smoothies and juices. It was healthy and tasty! On Saturday, we enjoyed a fantastic lunch in Solana Beach at Naked Cafe (bottom left). Jimbo's Naturally, Natural Food Store (right photos) has the most delicious "bird feeder" bar that served as a great snack after a hike on Saturday afternoon. I took a picture of the ingredients so that I could try to recreate this tasty treat myself. 

While I did a pretty good job of sticking to my challenge eating plan....a post kayaking stop at In-N-Out left me unable to resist the temptation. As they say, "When in Rome"! 

The weekend had plenty of scheduled activities, but we also had plenty of time to relax and recharge. I spent some time by the pool at the Rancho Bernardo Inn, taught a barre3 class for the bride and some of her friends before the wedding, went hiking at Torrey Pines and sat by the fire enjoying a non-alcoholic beverage.

Saturday's wedding was gorgeous! Here are a few photos the the details.

And some photos of all the fun! Isn't the bride stunning?

Congratulations to my friends Scott and Meredith! Thank you for giving us such a great reason to getaway for some R&R. We loved celebrating with you and wish you a lifetime of love, adventure and happiness.

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  1. Hooray!!! Loved having you with us!!! XO Meredith