October 29, 2013

In"vested" in Winter

I love a good vest (or several, if you inventoried my closet). They're great layering pieces, and they keep your core warm (fashionable and functional!) You might remember this vest that I found on our honeymoon last year at H & M in Hong Kong and wore throughout the fall.

Or this one from our favorite consignment store, Consign Design

Getting to my inspiration for this post...I was perusing Target.com and came across the most adorable vests that were too good not to share! And at the bargain price of $34.99 you really can't go wrong! 

Black and White Vest with Fur Collar
Navy and Red Vest with Fur Collar

1 comment:

  1. I bought the black and white one a few weeks back after seeing it on caphillstyle.com and LOVE it. Per Belle's recommendation I removed the fur hoodie and I find that I wear it at every opportunity!