October 30, 2013

C & C in the Kitchen: Crock Pot Beef Carnitas

When Regan and the Mini were in town we had a little get together so R could see all my favorite girls - who have now become her friends too. Between finding things to do for a 2 1/2 year old when the government is closed (aka all the museums) and it's pouring rain, the Barre3 event, and the fact that I'd just returned from Paris...we needed something quick and easy. When in doubt, go to the crock pot. 

Thanks to my good friend LE, crock pot beef carnitas was the answer. She'd pinned the recipe a few weeks earlier.  

Throw some spices on a flank steak (I buy it at Costco), add peppers and onions (I used green, red, and orange), and eight hours later you've got this. Mine didn't look this pretty, but they tasted amazing. 

Are you a fan of cooking in the crock pot? Should we share more recipes like this one? 

Also, as promised, the winner of the ThinkThin giveaway is.....

Rebecca! Please email us at CardiCouture@gmail.com with your contact information and we'll get a box of carmel fudge in the mail to you! 

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