May 13, 2013

Sister Sister

We get it. Sometimes it can be confusing to read a blog written by identical twin sisters. It's as if we have the same voice, or look alike, or something....don't worry, even our own mother gets us confused sometimes.

If you can't tell from the post who you're hearing from, look at the very bottom. If it says "Posted by Cardigans &Couture" - that's Regan. Since she started the blog fours years ago, she gets the moniker. If it reads "posted by Katie" you're hearing from yours truly. For those of you that don't know us personally, we thought it would be fun to share a little more about who we are, so maybe you won't have to look at the bottom of the posts to tell us apart. 

Where do you live?
Katie: Washington, D.C.
Regan: Portland, Oregon

What do you do?
Katie: Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs - i.e. I get dressed up to go to work every day
Regan:  Mother to the Mini Fashionista, barre3 instructor, consultant- i.e. I DON'T get dressed up every day to go to work. 
What's your favorite piece of clothing right now?
Katie: Phillip Lim sweater blogged about here
Regan: Joe Fresh lace shorts from JCP last seen here

What's your go-to for shopping?
Katie: Gilt and the Woodbury Common Outlet Mall near my in-laws in New York
Regan: Consignment- Seams to Fit in Portland, OR and Consign Design in Sun Valley, ID

What's the one piece of clothing every woman should own?
Katie: navy and white striped t-shirt - they're classic (did you see my wedding? I have a small obsession) (J. Crew makes a great one)
Regan: Perfectly fit dark denim jeans- My favorites are the J Brand Super Skinny 
What trend should never be in style?
Katie: scrunchies. Never. Again. 
Regan: stirrup pants. Never. Again. 
Must-have item for summer?
Katie: Jack Rogers Georgica Sandal 
Regan: A wedge sandal. The last two summers I've gotten them from Target (here
Something you think readers don't know about you?
Katie: I struggle with getting dressed every morning just like all women out there! You aren't alone.
Regan: I worked in a high end women's shoe store for four summers in college and for a year before graduate school. 
Favorite quote:
Katie: "You can't control how you are perceived, but you can control how you are presented."
Regan: "We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us."

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  1. Great post!
    Nice to get to know you both in this way.