August 3, 2012

If the Shoe Fits

Earlier this week I popped into Seams to Fit on my way to teach at Barre3. I wanted to see if any of my items had sold, and do a little the saying goes, "when in Rome"! Anyway, I have a habit of spending whatever credit I have, and then some.... but, for the first time I managed to leave the store both in the positive and with something fabulous in my shopping bag!

Behold these amazing NY&CO colorblock wedges. Ivory, grey and black...with a pop of orange under the foot. The will go with everything! I'm in shoe love!

And, I'm digging them with my neon pink toes! 


  1. those are really pretty, i love neon polish, i used to get this religiously as a teen.

  2. Yes, those are gorgeous! I love the pop of orange, and your nail polish!

  3. Super cute! Just subscribed! Please check out my vintage site at :)

  4. I will check it out Stephanie! Thanks for joining us!