August 2, 2012

Currently Coveting

Another week, another list of wants...

I am dying over this dress. For $68 I might just have to buy it! 
Belted Crochet Dress $68

You may find this a bit strange, but I sleep with a sleeping mask nearly every night. They get used and abused rather quickly, so I am always on the lookout for new and fun masks. This one from Shopbop is  on my list! 

I pinned this skirt months ago, and now it's on sale for $98 down from $164!

Since I got the Tory Burch shorts at Consign Design, I have been more drawn to really short, shorts. These from Gap are super cute! And navy and white seems to be the theme of my summer purchases, so these are perfect! That said, $49.95 for Gap shorts? Seriously?

Printed Canvas Shorts $49.95


  1. I sleep with a sleeping mask too! Actually I use them to fall asleep but generally end up pulling it off during the night. I can't fall asleep with one though. Might have to snatch this one up too!

  2. Glad to know I am not the only one who likes sleeping masks!

  3. I loved your skirt and indeed i really love wearing shorts so i bought one scallop shorts at $30 with discount coupon from KKandCo California.