July 13, 2012

My First Chanel

A number of years ago Katie was gifted a beautiful red Chanel coat from a friend who passed away.  Truth be told, I have been jealous ever since. Well, no more jealousy as I have acquired my first piece of Chanel! It's not a 2.55, but it's still pretty fabulous.

Now for the back story...as I shared earlier this week, my friend's store Consign Design in Sun Valley is a label lover's paradise. It is always one of my first stops upon arriving home. And, just as luck served me well on previous visits, the fashion gods were on my side. Behold my new Chanel dress!

Excuse the scary looking "flash eyes" and the ugly backgrounds. Posting self portraits is not my strong suit.

This dress had been waiting for someone, just the right size, to give it a second home for the amazing price of $175! I even tried it with my thin nude patent belt which looked really cute. The print is fun and vibrant yet the silhouette is classic and timeless. I can't wait to pass this on to the Mini Fashionista someday!

I also picked up a few other fabulous items. This cute coral colored dress also looks great with a nude patent belt and shoes or with simple gold flat sandals.

Both of these items were new with the tags. The sweater is Ralph Lauren and the shorts Tory Burch. This ensemble totaled $75...such a deal considering the shorts retail for $195!

Stay tuned for my return trip in August. I am sure there will be more treasures awaiting my arrival!

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  1. I love your finds, and your new Chanel dress is so much fun! Thanks for sharing!