December 12, 2011

Kids Dressed Better Than You

I found this blog called "Kids Dressed Better Than You." I swoon at the clothes and wish 1) that I looked that good on a daily basis and 2) that the Mini Fashionista had a closet full of chic baby clothes like this. That said, should a child really be dressed like an adult? You have your whole life to wear blazers and boots and button down shirts. 

Here are a few of the photos...

Can I get all of these outfits in my size? LOVE!

So stinking chic I can't stand it!

 Layering at its best!

Now this is how to wear a cardigan and a button down shirt!

If her first handbag is Chanel, what on earth will she "wish for" as an adult?

This baby is clearly the most approachable of them all, but the jeans are surely premium denim!


  1. oh my gosh, the little one with the chanel is my FAVE! too cute.

  2. My boyfriend and I joke that if I ever end up with a kid, I will likely end up with the biggest tomboy ever, who hates to shop and dress up. Truth is, even though I say I'd dress my kid up in outfits like these (because come on, so freaking adorable!), I'd probably let them wear what they wanted to and get creative. In the meantime, I will just draw inspiration from these toddlers' wardrobes for my own! :)

  3. Christen, I hear you. I think we'll all be taking cues from these toddlers. Thanks for reading!

    Lara, I know, I'm obsessed with that little girl and her Chanel. Not sure if it's the little girl, or the Chanel, or BOTH!

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