December 9, 2011

Friday Gift Guide- My Christmas Wish List

As you may remember, I already received my Christmas present a few months ago. I got this beautiful Woolrich coat from Anthropologie. I have no regrets about my choice. The coat is amazing, and I will have it forever. Maybe even the Mini Fashionista will wear it someday!

That said, I still have a number of things on my wish list. If Santa is in fact inclined to bring me another present, here's what would tickle my fancy (does anyone still say that???)

Assuming there's no budget, I am Ba-na-nas for this Lela Rose dress.

Lela Rose Folded One Shoulder Dress $1395

My feet are always slippers are a must, especially in the winter. I love these from J Crew.

J Crew Armor Lux Slippers $88

This wedge would be perfect to wear with nearly everything! I might prefer it in patent leather though.

Since I am a mountain girl I love me some Patagonia, or "Pata-gucci" if you will. 

This fur vest would already be mine if it weren't for the fact that it's sold out! Come on Santa, can't you get me one?

And last, but not least, I am totally smitten for these Steve Madden wedge boots. They come in black, cognac and stone. I would buy all three if I could!

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  1. That Lela Rose is out of control! I am officially obsessed with her designs-she made my wedding dress, so she will permanently stay at the top of my list. That Zara fur is too cute. I am going to try and find it on ebay :)!