September 29, 2011

Christmas Come Early

The Mini Fashionista and I ventured downtown earlier today to have lunch at the food carts with a friend. With half an hour to kill before our rendezvous, I decided to pop into Anthropologie...

Immediately I was beckoned by this Woolrich Dipped Nougat Coat. 

With coat (and stroller) in tow, I found the nearest mirror to try on this beautiful jacket. Please excuse the terrible photos and the strange look on my face. I wasn't sure they even allowed taking photos in the store, so I was trying to be incognito.

It definitely doesn't go with my pink jeans and watch (as blogged about earlier today), but it will be the perfect completer piece to dark jeans and tall boots in the coming weeks and months. After a quick call to my +1, it was decided that this will be my Christmas present. It was just too good to pass up, and the best part....Anthropologie is currently offering all their outerwear at 30% off! SCORE!


  1. Looks great! So cute...Merry Christmas.

  2. Thanks Evie! Can't wait to put it with the appropriate outfit. Today is was 80 here, so not coat weather at all, but next week the rain is on its way.