September 29, 2011

A Proper Time Piece

I've been sans watch for a while now. I have a nice Swiss Army that I received as a gift in college, but for some reason it no longer runs (and yes, I've changed the battery), and I have been too lazy to get it fixed. Who needs a watch when you have a cell phone, right?

Anyway, I've had my eye on a number of the Michael Kors watches, especially the rose gold one. However, my husband says that I need "a proper time piece." Sure, I'd love a Panerai or a Patek Phillipe, but let's be real people...that's not exactly something you just go out and buy on a whim. 

So, while shopping a few weeks ago at the Nike Employee Store (I can still get in despite not working there anymore), I came upon this fantastic watch by Converse, which is owned by Nike. I immediately fell in love with this pink beauty. And, despite it not being "a proper time piece", I purchased it anyway. 

It also comes in these fantastic colors (and a few more). 

You can get them on Amazon for $75! It's sporty and chic, and since wearing it nearly every day, I've received TONS of compliments!

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