December 16, 2011

Friday Gift Guide - Katie's Wish List

Last Friday Regan gave us her Christmas wish list. This week, it's my turn. Dr. B Friends and family take note. Despite this being my wish list, hopefully it will inspire any last minute shopping you need to do. 8 shopping days left until Christmas Eve! To honor those days, here are 8 things (in no particular order), I lust for...I had to stop somewhere or this post could be pretty long. So let's get to it.

Wool capes are the thing of the season, and I've been looking for one that is different and makes a bit of a statement. This Pendleton Striped Blanket Cape does just that...and I'm a sucker for stripes...and it's on sale for $98.00!

I've always loved pointy flats, and the J-Crew Viv Flats in topiary are beyond. Enough said. (Size 10, thanks.)

My black wool coat was retired last year and needs to be replaced. I wouldn't protest this Burberry Funnel Neck wool coat as a replacement. Dr. B has a thing for Emma Watson and she's a Burberry this makes total sense in my mind.

Because you can never have too many pairs of sunnies, these Chelsea House of Harlows would be right at home on my face - in nude or black...I'm not picky. 

Earlier this year I met the girls from DANNIJO, and not only are they impressive, but their jewelry is AMAZEBALLS! And this Wiig cuff...come on, the I even need to explain to you why Santa needs to bring this to me (My Elf on the Shelf knows I've been good)?!

Stripes and dots. I love them. Commando Polka Dot tights are kind of like a party on your legs. Who wouldn't want that?

I love my arm party, and I'm always looking to add to it. This Giles and Brother Archer Bangle is simple and timeless.

And last, but not least, coming in at number 8, the Patagonia Women's Down Sweater Vest. I'm an Idaho girl at heart, and just like all clothes, you can never have too many down coats or vests! 
What's your favorite pick on my wish list?


  1. Love each pick!

    I hope your tree is overflowing ;)

    xx Happy Holidays!

  2. I love EVERYTHING here! Especially the cuff, sunglasses and cape - amazing!

  3. My favorite is definitely the Burberry coat! And I love your rationalization for why Dr. B should purchase it for you! :) I hope you get everything on your list :)

  4. Thanks everyone for your comments, and for reading! So glad you liked my wish I wish that I could count on Santa to bring me all these things :-)

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  6. I want some bow flats too! Those are perfect and so classic. Great picks! I hope you have a great Christmas!