November 1, 2016

Penny & Paul Pom Pom Hats

We love a good pom pom hat over here at Cardigans & Couture. Actually, love might be an understatement.


They are one of my most favorite things about winter. And you think I'm joking... In my humble pom pom hat expert opinion, Bula brings a strong game for grownups. But I'm not sure they offer much for the tiny hat wearer. Enter Penny & Paul. I was introduced to this D.C. company when one of my besties gave baby McB the MOST. ADORABLE. HAT. EVER. I'd been on the hunt for a hat for her, and this exceeded all expectations. All of their hats (for all ages and our case this tiny little has a BIG head) are handmade right here in my backyard.

But if she's going to keep up in this house, one hat is clearly not enough for an entire winter. A little girl needs options people. She has a purple Patagonia puffer and the figure skater would be just the proper topper for her cold-weather escapades.

And since they're handmade, I might have to pull the ultimate mommy move and have them make me a matching one.  

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