November 2, 2016

C&C Around the House: House Before and After

Finally it's time for the before and after house reveal! If you didn't read my inspiration post earlier this year, here it is.

Now to the before. If you remember, here is what our house looked like.

And here is what it looks like now! We are so happy with the black roof and the white paint. 
The house went from being being drab to totally rad! The box around the chimney and the chimney cap make an especially big visual impact.
The house no longer blends into the surroundings. Instead it stands out!
 We had hoped to do the garage door in some sort of wood, but that project will have to wait. In the mean time, we painted it black, along with the front door.

I'm so grateful to Gretchen Schauffler of Devine Color. Without her input, our house would have ended up a dark color with a silver roof. And this, is so, so much better. If you are in Portland and painting the inside or outside of your home, I highly recommend calling Gretchen. She is so good at what she does.

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