June 15, 2016

C&C around the house

This summer we are embarking on yet another house project. This time it will be the exterior of our house. Our roof is nearing the end of its life, so we thought we would use the opportunity to not only give our house a structural upgrade but a visual upgrade by installing a metal roof.

Here are some of the photos that served as our inspiration. We will also be updating our chimney and chimney cap, like in the first photo. 
Chimney Corners
Tellico Cabin

With the new roof comes the desire to change the color of the house. After way too much back and forth over the color we decided to call in an expert, enter Gretchen Schauffler of Devine Color. Gretchen has an incredible gift for color. I swear there must be something magic in her eyes. She came to the house for a consultation and was able to pull out what color would be best for the roof, trim and house based on our landscaping, the house size and shape, the color of our windows and our interior. 

After the initial consultation, Gretchen sent us an image of the house which really helps to visualize the end result. Gretchen used the bark on our huge tree as inspiration for the color palette. She gave us two trim options, and we decided on the bottom of the two (Iron Ore from Benjamin Moore with the house being Shoji White). 

You will notice the two wood samples to the left of the colors and that the garage has a wood overlay. We are also hoping to replace our garage door, entry siding and brick and one other exterior wall in natural wood. We found this really cool company in Austin Texas called Delta Millworks that has some amazing options, these being two that we are looking into. 

If you live in Portland and need help with color in your home, I would highly recommend Gretchen. As I said, she truly has a gift. 

Stay tuned later this summer for the big reveal! 

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  1. House projects are always interesting. They usually present some level of challenge but that is what is great about them because I find it gives you an opportunity to learn something new. The roof looks really great in the third picture down and I agree that a color change to the exterior of the house would be a great idea.