October 31, 2016

C & C in the Kitchen: Apple Bundt Cake

It's me again...I told you my posts would be sporadic, but I'm trying. This whole going back to work thing is a major bummer. What, no mid-day walks, trips to the grocery store and lazy mornings drinking milk in bed (Baby McB, not me...although I guess a latte could be considered milk)? And, I was getting PAID!

I digress. A few weekends ago we headed to Homestead Farm for some apple and pumpkin picking. Nothing gets me in the spirit for fall like spending time with there rest of the D.C., Maryland and Virginia appropriately dressed in our tall boots, sweaters and other autumnal accoutrements.

Of course we came home with a mother load of apples...which means only one thing. BAKE my face off. Thankfully Regan had blogged about an apple crisp recipe that was calling my name.

And then blogger friend Christina over at Proper Hunt reminded us all of an amazing apple bundt cake recipe she'd shared a few years ago. To the kitchen I went.


And I must say, it was delicious! She gives some great tips throughout the baking process and I'd like to add another...if you've got extra apples, add them. I had some leftover and was hesitant to put them in. Big mistake. Huge. The cake was still really good (the citrus makes it), but it would have been even better with more fruit.

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  1. that cake looks delicious - but where did you get those awesome leaf earrings?! also, sorry you had to go back to work...