July 11, 2016

Walking Watermelon

Hello readers, it's me Katie. I know, I've been on a major blogging hiatus and my days are waning. With ten to go before baby McB arrives my motivation to do anything but the bare minimum is essentially non-existent.

As the D.C. temps increase, so too does my waist size. The little gummy bear has quickly turned into a full grown watermelon....and to ensure that I hit all the pregnancy clichés, watermelon is ALL I want to eat. Last week I went through three with only a little help from Dr. B.

And since I can't enjoy a nice refreshing gin and tonic or glass of rose like the rest of you, we're getting creative over here with our mocktails. Enter the watermelon mint slushie.

Watermelon Mint Slushie
(Serves 4)
5 cups watermelon cubed and frozen
1 cup coconut water
4 - 7 mint leaves (depending how minty you like things)
2 cups frozen strawberries
Blend in the Vitamix and serve.

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