June 1, 2016

Art Fare

I recently had the honor of participating in a blog series on Art Fare. Jolie Goodson, the founder of Art Fare, is a super talented photographer and art lover.

In her words...
"Art Fare was created for all of us who want our homes to be amazing. We want to create beautiful homes that we love to be in and are proud of! When you visit Art Fare, I hope you leave feeling inspired. Like you just learned a new trick or thought of something you want to try in your own home."

Check out her dining room! Talk about cool! (You can find a tour of her home on Art Fare)

About a month ago, Jolie interviewed me in our home where I took her on a bit of a "tour" of our art and decor. My house is by no means "decorated", and I'm often quite critical of of it.

But my time with Jolie made me feel really good about our art and our decor because they are 100% a reflection of our lives and our interests. Everything has a story and has meaning, and at the end of the day, that is all that matters.

You can read Part 1 of the series here! And you can follow Art Fare on facebook.

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