October 15, 2015

What I Wore: Clothing Swap

Last week I attended my first ever "clothing swap". A friend hosted a group of 7 women to her house last Sunday afternoon for us to drink champagne, eat tasty treats and swap clothes that we no longer wear. There are "clothing swap" rules that you can follow at these types of parties, but ours was pretty much a free for all. 

This week I wore three of the fabulous pieces I walked away with. 

My first swap score was this Chanel like jacket. I wore it last week to an Endowment luncheon for the Mini's new school. I borrowed this Forever 21 jumpsuit from my friend and paired it with Cole Haan Wedges. One would NEVER guess the jumpsuit is Forever 21. It's fabulous, and the only way I can give it back is knowing she will let me borrow it again. Thanks AS. 

Swap Score #2 was this polka dot J Crew blouse. At the suggestion of its previous owner, I tucked it into my high waisted jeans. Then I added a black Banana Republic blazer, a big chain link necklace (no longer available) and the same Cole Haan wedges.

Finally, Swap Score #3 was these Joie Skinny Cargo pants. I paired them with a black SQN Sport tank top, Levi's jean jacket (from Costco) and my favorite Dr. Scholl's slip ons (post here)

I'd say my first clothing swap was a huge success! 


  1. How on Earth did you score the Chanel Jacket, Regs? That's a damn good find.