May 6, 2015

Hello My Name Is

Hello My Name Is Regan, and I have a shoe problem.

There. I've said it. And I'm pretty sure that's about as far as I am going to get in the steps towards remedying my problem.

I'm sure you've been reading lately about all the shoes I've purchased or have been coveting. Let me give you a quick recap.

It started when I saw these on a friend and had to have them, which was such a good decision. I haven been wearing them a ton.

They also come in black, which are equally as fabulous. 

Then blogger Sarah Tucker introduced me to those from Target, and for $24.99 I had to have them. 

And then there were the B.P. Gold Slip-on from last week's Splurge vs. Save.

I really liked them, but after wearing them around the house a bit, I decided that they weren't going to be as comfortable as I need them to be. I am planning to take this kind of shoe on our trip to Europe in August, and unfortunately I don't think these are going to stand up to all the walking I will be doing. 

So back to the drawing board....Well, it didn't take long. Another friend has these from Dr. Scholl's and loves them. And if Dr. Scholl's won't be comfortable for walking, then I don't know what will. 

Does anyone else have a shoe problem?

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