July 7, 2015

Reader Challenge: Wedding Wedge

I have a friend that is getting married this Fall. Last week I came across this dress from French Connection and sent it to her thinking it would be a great "dancing dress."
She is wearing a stunning Vera Wang gown, but this would definitely be easier to move in later in the night. 

Since I've seen "the dress", I couldn't help by ask what shoes she is going to wear. Unfortunately, she is yet to find the perfect pair. We all know good shoes are nearly as hard to find as a good husband! 
Since I found her a great dancing dress, I figured I may as well help her find the right wedding shoes too. The wedding will be held outside on grass, so a wedge will be the most practical choice. Here are some great options at a variety of price points. 

First I thought I would start with more traditional options that compliment the elegance of the dress. 

I'm kind of obsessed with these! They also come in a champagne color. 

And while I am all about elegance, I also like the fact that you can "hide" a really fun pair of shoes under a wedding dress. These aren't a wedge, but they would certainly be stable enough to walk in grass. 

And either of these could easily be her "something blue". 

Good thing I am not the one getting married because this would be far too difficult of a decision! 

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