July 6, 2015

Products we Love: GizmoPal

As the Mini Fashionista gets older, starts participating in more activities, starts full day school and spends more time out of my care, I can't help but worry just a little bit about her safety.  

I know that these worries will only increase as she ages. I suppose that is why so many parents buy cell phones for their kids. And while I have no doubt that the Mini will have a cell phone many years before I got my first phone, I can't help but think that it's happening far too early. In my opinion, kids don't need to be able to text, they don't need internet access and they shouldn't be so technology dependent at such a young age. However, I do believe that it's important for parents to be able to reach their children and know where they are and for children to be able to call their parents when necessary. 

That's what makes this product is so fantastic! Let me introduce you to the LG GizmoPal. The GizmoPal is an easy way to stay connected with your child with 1 button calling & Smartphone mapping. 

It fits securely around the wrist, is durable and water resistant, and comes in blue or pink.

The GizmoPal allows your child to call two registered numbers and receive calls from an additional two approved contacts. Using the GizmoPal app on your smartphone, you can see the GizmoPal’s location on a map, via GPS. Plus, you can receive location notifications at scheduled times, such as when your child’s bus typically arrives in the neighborhood.

GizmoPal costs $79.99 and an additional $5/month on top of your Verizon wireless mobile plan. And while I don't see the need for something like this yet, I am excited about the options that I know will exist when it is something that our family feels is necessary. Hopefully by then there will be a product that allows more than 2 numbers to call in/out and also provide a more sleek design. 

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